Trick or Treat – Tips for a safe Halloween




Its that time of the year again… candy, costumes and lots of children in the streets! Here are some tips to stay safe this Halloween:



Make sure your child wears an appropriately fitting costume.

Consider using brightly colored costume and add reflective tape to the costume.

If your child is wearing a mask, make sure it does not obstruct his view.

If using makeup, avoid ones that your child may develop a sensitivity to.



Adults should always accompany younger children on the trick-or-treat trail.

Designated adult should avoid alcohol.

For older kids plan an acceptable route. Agree on a time they should come home.

Carry a cellphone for quick communication.

Remain on well lit streets.

Only approach homes that have a lit porch.

Stay in groups


Avoid the tummy ache:


Give your child a healthy supper before hitting the trail, this way they can avoid over indulging in their treats that night.

Wait until the children are home to sort out the candy. Although tampering is rare, do go through and remove any inappropriatly packaged candy or possibly spoiled ones as well.

If you have trick-or-treaters at your house, consider giving some non-candy treats such as stationary!


Have a safe and fun Halloween